Get Unified


There are many benefits to hiring Unified Marketing as your digital marketing agency verses hiring an employee or contracting with a larger agency.

Specific Skill


Add a specific skill set that your company may either be lacking or in short supply.


Low Overhead


Keep overhead low by acquiring a virtual marketing manager that will not require salary, benefits, office space, equipment, and other investments.


Unbiased Opinion


Receive an unbiased and objective perspective, because Unified Marketing is an independent voice that has no stake in third-party products or services that may make up the eventual solution.


Dedicated Resource


Obtain a dedicated resource, unlike employees that may have other distractions, resource conflicts, or political agendas.


Reduce Brain Dump


Reduce transfer of knowledge by allowing Unified Marketing to be the coordinator of each new project. You will never have to re-educate a new third-party service again.


Leverage Relationships


Leverage existing industry relationships that Unified Marketing has established to receive better pricing, quicker turn-around, or enhanced services.


Versatile Team


Always have the right team for each project. Unified Marketing is very versatile and can scale the size and sophistication of a creative team according to your objectives by sourcing individual players or nationally recognized vendors.



Flexible Resource


Have flexibility in managing your resources. Unlike hiring an employee, it’s not a major hiring decision when you bring on Unified Marketing. At the end of the project or time period, you have no further obligations. And, there are no retainer fees or long-term commitments like larger agencies.


Highly Motivated


Get a high level of motivation to achieve success, because Unified Marketing’s repeat business depends on it.


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