Tactical Execution

Clarifying expectations and delivering on them

Executing a project can first appear to be simple, and then drag on for longer than expected. Therefore, management of the entire process is essential. Unified Marketing operates with a phased approach to creating fast and effective marketing. Each phase has a distinctive purpose and specific outcome.

  1. Discover
  2. Define
  3. Develop
  4. Demonstrate
  5. Deliver
  6. Debrief

1. Discover: This is the first phase of transforming your goals and objectives into marketing success. The purpose of this phase is to gather information so we have a clear and intimate understanding of your objectives. This develops a direction and uncovers expectations.

2. Define: The purpose of this phase is to confirm the information gathered in the Discover Phase. This integrates and reviews all of the different perspectives in the Discover Phase so that everyone involved sees all of the pieces of the puzzle. If necessary, Unified Marketing will present a Defining Document, for your approval.

3. Develop: This phase produces the first draft of the deliverable.

4. Demonstrate: In this phase, Unified Marketing presents the deliverable for your approval. The standard project allows for two revisions to be sent back to the Develop Phase. If necessary, the client signs an approval form to move onto the next phase.

5. Deliver: Once the project is approved, the deliverable is executed as outlined in the Define Phase.

6. Debrief: After the project has been completed, Unified Marketing performs The Promise Program within 90 days to ensure you achieved the results committed.

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