Strategic Approach

Better research, stronger positioning, faster results

There’s an old saying that software developers like to tell us, “garbage in, garbage out” or “GIGO.” Unified Marketing couldn’t agree more. Developing an effective marketing strategy requires thorough information gathering, solid planning, precise execution of each tactic, and measuring the results for return on investment. Here is an overview of Unified Marketing’s strategic approach.

Market Analysis
It begins with a crystal clear understanding of the target market before you spend a dime on anything else. This means knowing what the market wants, how they make decisions, and how they purchase. You must also analyze the competition and their approach to acquiring customers.

Once you have identified your target market needs, then identify how your products or services can benefit this market. You will probably have to compete with many other well-established solutions, so positioning your solution effectively will be one of the single most important decisions you make.

Integrated Marketing Communications
Because of the digital revolution and social media, we no longer live in a world where companies choose the terms of persuasion – especially in the b-to-b world. Customers now get to choose the time, place, and amount of information they want to make a decision. Implementing a unified marketing communications plan that leverages your brand will be critical. The goal is to move prospects through each stage of the purchase cycle from awareness to knowledge, preference, purchase and advocacy.

How can you be sure the strategy worked? What can be improved next time? Broad and deep measurement can give you the feedback you need to sharpen your strategy and execution to make it more effective.

Return On Investment
Now that you have statistics on the individual marketing communication tactics, you can develop your ROI. Presidents, CEOs and CFOs will now have the information they need to justify increasing the marketing budget for next quarter.

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